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Der UnSinn Des Lebens


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Der unSinn des Lebens






The English Comedy Night - "HUMOUR SAPIENS"

Berlin’s longest-established comedy club – which also hosted the first-ever English language shows in Germany, kickstarting the Berlin comedy scene – is once again presenting comedy in English.

In "Humour Sapiens", comedians from all corners of the globe – but especially the English-speaking world, where stand-up comedy has a long and auspicious tradition – gather to make you, the audience, laugh by satirising the absurdities of life, helping to fight off those weekday blues.

Different comedians perform each show, with many dropping by to join us while touring Europe. Previous comedians and comedy troupes to perform at the Kookaburra English comedy night include: Earl Okin, Tom Noddy, Shazia Mirza, Kim Eutice, Tammy Ingram, Johnny Armstrong, Henning Wehn, Hattie Hayridge, Bengt Washburn, Otto Kuhnle, Sanjay Shihora, Krissie Illing, Klaus-Jürgen Deuser, Amelia Jane Hunter, David Deery, Maureen Younger, Nik Coppin, Comedy Sportz, Laughapalooza, the Laugh Olympics, Fish & Whips, and the Kiwi Comedy Show – to name but a few.

With a broad range of comedic styles, there will always be something at the English comedy show to tickle your funny bones.

So come watch the best English-speaking comedians from all over the world perform in the birthplace of alternative comedy in Berlin. You never know who you might see.