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Der UnSinn Des Lebens


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Brauseboys 2017




Der unSinn des Lebens

Random Gifts of Art

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A Private Art Collaboration Goes International. Again.
Random Gifts of Art is an international social art movement, spreading generosity across the globe and connecting the people within and across our world.
Tim Holmes, the first American artist ever to exhibit solo at the world’s largest art museum and Garret Garrels, speaker and founder of Pink Gloves , an international women’s empowerment movement, have joined together in a social art project that is traveling the globe.
Random Gifts of Art began with simply giving away Tim’s art to strangers. But each gift generated a story of connection and those stories became their own phenomena. The project has since expanded around the world, becoming a book, a TV episode, a TEDx talk and now a live art performance . It combines storytelling, improv and comedy as the pair prepares to launch their second European tour in spring, 2017, (Sweden through Hungary, this May and June).
Through humorous stories with lyrical language, comedic acting and improv, Garret and Tim
share their experiences and explain traveling as a metaphor for life. Often traveling is about
getting from point A to point B, as fast as possible, without experiencing the many possibilities
that exist when we slow down and meet some of the many strangers along our journey.
Random Gifts of Art reclaims the rightful definition of interpersonal connection. It's the story of
two people sharing their problems and stumbling upon a common solution that opens up a new
world of possibilities for them both. Giving away art, connecting with strangers, enlivening
rather than killing time, this project shows how contagious generosity can be.

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Name: Garret Garrels
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Author: Garret Garrels is a writer,
speaker, poet, and raconteur. He is the
founder of an international women’s
empowerment movement called Pink Gloves
Boxing, which operates in over thirty
locations across the United States, Sweden
and Norway. Twice, Garret has finished in
the semi-finals of the World Championship
of Public Speaking, and in 2011, out of
35,000 contestants from 118 different
countries, he finished in the top 18. He
appears across the US and Europe as a
humorous and inspirational speaker. For
more personal information visit:
GarretG Here is Garret’s TEDx talk, Revealing the Champion Within.
Illustrator: Tim Holmes is the first American
artist ever invited to give a solo exhibit at
Russia's Hermitage museum where his work
remains on permanent display. He has created
many awards for international projects such as
the U.N. Women's Peace Prize, PeaceLinks
Award and others. Jimmy Carter, Archbishop

Desmond Tutu, and the late Coretta Scott King are among Holmes' best-known collectors.
Though he's most well known for sculpture, he works in a variety of media and styles inspired by
the human struggle, all pointing toward a more responsive, cooperative and sustainable future.
He believes that art will save the world. See more at: Here’s Tim’s
TEDx talk, The Erotic Crisis.

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